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When we are singing with freedom and connection to our artistic expression it seems to come directly from our soul.  I’ve certainly experienced that feeling in my body, my instrument. I’ve experienced my body expressing resonance, tones, vocal textures, even phrasing that I never consciously thought of.  And my students have experienced that same feeling.  It’s what athletes call “being in the zone.”

The cool thing is that your body is an instrument capable of creating and expressing your most interesting and unique voice.  When most people sing, they are trying to control their singing.  But what I usually observe in many singers is that they are over-controlling their instrument. They are using muscles in their jaw, tongue, throat, upper chest and stomach to try and hit high notes, sing with volume, or develop a style. This will create excess tension in the body and it will shut the natural voice down.


We do need to be able to control our instrument, but this is done best with what I call “Breath Management.”  Our voice is a wind instrument. So we have to be aware of how to have that air pressure work for us and not against us. Not only do we need to manage our air pressure, we also need to direct the airflow (and sound) that happens above the vocal folds.


When we efficiently place this airflow and sound in our resonating chambers, our mouth and in our head, it will have a direct positive result in the color or tone of our singing.


I teach many singers of all styles. This is in addition to my work as a private acting coach. And it doesn’t matter if you want to have a beautiful and crystal clear tone or have that wonderful soulful rasp in your voice.  It’s all possible, when you free up your instrument.

It's easy.

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